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Stage Pianos

Digital pianos are great, and bring so many functional advantages, but there are circumstances when you need something more professional, specially tailored for stage performance. We\’ve done some research on the best stage pianos that we could find to see which models offer the most value for money. Check out our reviews below to find out which model fits your needs best.

Nord Stage 3 Review Featured

This article is the only Nord Stage 3 review that you need to read in order to have a complete picture of this stage piano by Clavia. Not as big a name as Yamaha, Clavia has managed to find itself a well deserved place among the best stage pianos with their Nord line of instruments. […] Read more

Roland RD-2000 Review Featured

Stage pianos are the superlatives of digital pianos. They usually have all the elements that a normal digital piano has, plus a bunch of features for the professional musicians out there. This article is our Roland RD-2000 review. Roland has been one of the main players in the digital piano industry for many years. Their […] Read more

Korg SV-1 Stage Digital Piano

The Korg SV-1 is a stage piano that comes in two versions, the 73-key and the 88-key version, with 2 foot pedals. They are on average lighter than other stage digital pianos and keyboards, weighing up to 55 pounds. Click here to see price on Amazon   Specifications   It has a maximum polyphony of […] Read more

Yamaha CP4 Featured

Yamaha has produced some amazing musical instruments on the course of the past years, and the Yamaha CP4 stage piano has all the qualities needed to fit into this category. Following their 2010 production of Yamaha CP1, the CP4 is out to address any disadvantages that it may have posed. This new and improved version has […] Read more

Yamaha CP50 CP Series Digital Piano

Yamaha offers an enormous reach of digital pianos from passage level instruments to affectionately carefully assembled gems, with timeless models, created from the finest materials. Click here to save 23% on the Yamaha CP50 The Yamaha CP50 Digital Piano has the center sounds and innovation of the CP1 , yet its adaptability and compact size make it […] Read more

Yamaha CP1 Stage Piano

Yamaha first launched its CP designation on its electronic stage pianos. By today’s standards, the earlier electric and electric-acoustic CP pianos from Yamaha were too heavy. However, it is this heaviness that made them an industry standard for those who wanted to get real piano sound on the stage, when touring with an acoustic piano […] Read more

Nord Stage 2 HA88 featured image

The original Stage, launched by Nord in 2005, gained instant popularity with live performers as well as studio bods. The Stage 2 concept has not strayed from its portable predecessor, which boasts of great sounding piano, electric piano, organ and synth sections along with flexile controller functions and effects. Weight and form factor remains unchanged. […] Read more

Yamaha CP33 Stage Piano 1

The Yamaha CP33 Stage Piano is the electrical alternative to the traditional majestic grand piano. The CP33 is one of the best so-called ‘electric grands’ on the market as it offers you the authentic sound of a grand piano, with all of the extra sound effects, and mixing and recording capabilities of a digital keyboard. […] Read more

kawai mp6

So, if interested in a professionally designed piano, then look no further than the Kawai MP6 stylized music making machinery. This instrument is designed for the expert and the less than skilled. Any pianist will come to love this machine. For starters, the MP6 offers USB connection capabilities to not only connect to a computer, […] Read more