Yamaha CP50 CP Series Digital Piano Review

Yamaha offers an enormous reach of digital pianos from passage level instruments to affectionately carefully assembled gems, with timeless models, created from the finest materials. The Yamaha CP50 Digital Piano has the center sounds and innovation of the CP1 , yet its adaptability and compact size make it ideal for the working ace on the go.

The CP50 includes an extensive variety of sounds. Calves, organs, strings and more make this digital piano the ideal instrument to be used in a chapel, school and live circumstances where everything needs to be performed on one console. The CP50 features Virtual Circuit Modeling impacts, as well as multiple effects taken from the Motif XS line of Synthesizers.

The CP50 basically brings you all of the center sounds and innovations of Yamaha’s leader CP1 arrange piano and MOTIF XS workstation console, in a practical instrument that is equally easy to use at home in the studio or in front of a live audience. From the leader CP1, the CP50 picks up a choice of voices dependent upon Yamaha’s compelling Spectral Component Modeling (SCM). Its 12 essential acoustic and electric piano sounds use SCM innovation. By practically re-making their singular physical segments, SCM innovation furnishes you with both the sensible sound and the common reaction of these instruments. The consequence is a level of sound detail that will surprise you, as every subtlety of every re-made piano becomes animated under your fingertips.

A superb aspect concerning the CP50 is that, notwithstanding the SCM-based sounds it gets from the CP1, it likewise incorporates the Yamaha MOTIF XS workstation’s Awm2 Advanced Wave Memory sound motor. This Awm2 sound motor permits the CP50 to give you a developed choice of brilliant voices. You get in excess of 200 extra instruments. The CP50 likewise gets its staggering 88-key reviewed mallet weighted key bunk from the MOTIF; its effortlessly one of the best-feeling and most playable key bunks you’ll discover on an instrument as moderate as the CP50.

Notwithstanding extraordinary sounds, the CP50 offers you the determination of impacts and additional capacities you’d anticipate from a Yamaha stage piano. You get both MIDI and sound recording capacity, with 14 musicality packs and 100 mood designs locally available. You get 49 adjustment impacts and eight superb sounding reverb sorts to improve your tone. With its amplified sound set, mind boggling feel, and helpful execution works, the Yamaha CP50 provides you the instruments you require for both recording and playing live.

  • center Spectral Component Modeling engineering included with an extensive variety of sounds
  • customizable acoustic and electric piano sounds
  • record and playback capacities for MIDI and sound
  • convenient size and weight
  • 88 key reviewed mallet movement

The greater part of those who bought this piano have given it a 4.5 star rating.

Buyer opinions:

“The Cp50 is appropriate for use beautiful, number of handles to conform the settings, a ton of sounds notwithstanding the piano, it makes it very adaptable.”

“The piano sound is dynamic and homogeneous, we can all play with.”

“Great touch!”

“Sounds powerful!”

“Numerous settings!”

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