Yamaha CP33 Stage Piano Review

The Yamaha CP33 Stage Piano is the electrical alternative to the traditional majestic grand piano. The CP33 is one of the best so-called ‘electric grands’ on the market as it offers you the authentic sound of a grand piano, with all of the extra sound effects, and mixing and recording capabilities of a digital keyboard.

This is a great piano for stage performers who want to make the most of the acoustics of a venue, or play a piano solo with a truly beautiful and memorable sound. I would say that the Yamaha CP33 Stage Piano is actually superior to an acoustic grand piano in several aspects. Firstly, it offers some brilliant sound enhancing functions, such as the Reverb function. This enables the pianist to create a powerful acoustic effect, no matter what the venue. With a non-electric piano, I find that as a pianist I am at the mercy of the particular acoustics of the venue I am playing in.

Another great feature of the Yamaha CP33 Stage Piano is the fact that it has a USB port. This means that you can connect the piano up to your computer. This feature will really revolutionize your musical career if you want to make recordings of your piano playing that you can tweak and enhance later on, or upload and share your musical performances to an online audience. This USB function has been a godsend to me, as placing a microphone next to the piano often picked up a lot of background noise and unwanted interference. Recording straight from the piano to the laptop, however, gives a clear, crisp sound, just as if I had been engaged in a studio recording.

The CP33 tends to be described as a light weight and highly portable instrument. Whilst it is true that this make of electric grand is superior to many other electric keyboards in these aspects, it can still be a little unwieldy to transport and get on to the stage, and some people might find this to be a weakness of the Yamaha CP33 Stage Piano. You may need to get a friend to help you move it around if you find it very heavy. However, that said, the case does come with comfortable and strong handles, so I personally have found carrying this model of digital piano relatively easy.

Overall, the Yamaha CP33 Stage Piano is a fantastic example of the electric grand. As well as offering the musician several features over and above what an acoustic piano can offer, this model of keyboard is also superior to other leading types of electric grand. The CP33 is suitable for a wide variety of uses, and for pianists of all ages and abilities. It can be set up permanently in a front room for daily practice, or packed up in its carry case and transported to gigs. As a stage piano, the Yamaha CP33 offers a fantastic sound quality, strong volume, and rich notes, and can combat even the most challenging of acoustics.

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