Best Way To Learn Piano – Websites That Teach Piano For Free

Playing the piano is not as easy as some pianists make it look. To become any good at it you need to have a piano and practice playing on it consistently. You’re not going to be the next Beethoven if you don’t keep practicing and learning to master more and more complex musical pieces.

You’re probably going to need a piano teacher but there are some websites that offer free piano lessons.

Depending on your talent in this field, you should expect to see some progress as you advance through the lessons. After having a piano in your home, starting to go through free online piano lessons is probably the best way to learn piano.

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Yes, you will need a piano teacher if you want a higher playing level, but the free lessons you can find online will be a good basis on which you’ll be able to build.

Finding the best websites that teach piano for free is another discussion point. Usually when searching for something like this you’ll find all kind of websites that pretend offering free piano lessons, but actually offer a couple of lessons and then asking for a membership fee.

To make it easy for you to make your first steps towards playing the piano below you’ll find the best websites that offer what they say they do, namely free piano lessons:

Zebra Keys

What makes Zebra Keys one of the best resources for anybody starting out is the fact that it’s interactive and very easy to understand. Each lesson is written in a professional manner and laid out in a way that makes them easy to follow. It’s very well thought out, as an interactive piano keyboard is built into the lesson so you can practice as you learn. This makes the learning process easier and more effective.

The keys are laid out clearly and the letter of each note appears under the appropriate key. After you advanced through some lessons and would like to try playing a song, you’re able to do that on the Z-Board V1.0, a virtual keyboard with all notes and chords displayed on it. It will be much easier to transfer the gained knowledge to the physical keys, this way, as you will not be struggling to remember where the correct notes are located. The true value that this website brings, though, is the list of trainer tools that offer help in different aspects of understanding music.

Piano Nanny

Piano Nanny is one of the best websites that teach piano online for free. It offers very detailed, professionally tailored piano lessons. It almost gives you the impression that a professional piano teacher is in front of you. Each lesson contains text and keyboard images to help you better understand the new knowledge that you’re gaining. You also get a feature such as a student notepad to help you take notes easily whenever you feel the need.

Some of the lessons also include a 12 key mini-app that enables you to try the new learned information, this way further cementing your new ability. The note is displayed as you press a particular key, this way helping you associate each note with their appropriate keys more easily. Piano Nanny, offering 13 beginner, 11 intermediate and 10 advanced piano lessons, is one of the most comprehensive free online resources for piano lessons.

Plern Piano

Probably the most fun online tool to help you learn how to play the piano is Plern Piano. It’s equally helpful for beginner and more advanced pianists. You can either create a song from scratch or you can upload MIDI files and learn to play one. As it advances through the music sheet, you will get a graphical representation of what each note means on the keyboard in terms of position and duration. You will not be an expert in musical theory but it’s probably the best way to learn piano fast, easy and fun.

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