Top 5 Best Piano Songs to Learn Easily

Have you ever found yourself wishing to play your favorite song on the radio?

Learning to play the piano is not the easiest of challenges. But like any challenge worth approaching, mastering the piano is very rewarding. Of course, you might feel some frustration along the way, but usually, the more challenging it is in the beginning, the easier it will get further down the road. When you’re just starting out most of the time you’re practicing chords and simple melodies. It might get somewhat monotonous at times, this is why you should try and spice things up a bit. Besides your daily practice routine, you can try your hand with the best piano songs to learn easily. Yes, you will probably have some trouble in the beginning and your first few performances will not be the best, but practice makes perfect and think about your dear ones’ surprise when you will delight them with these songs.

  • Drops of Jupiter

  • Someone Like You

  • Stand By Me

  • Hey Jude

  • Fly Me To The Moon

These are some of the best piano songs to learn easily. There are many others, but these 5 are among the all time favorites. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t master them after the first try. Give yourself some time, and you will see some progress soon.

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