Yamaha P255B 88-Key Digital Piano Review

If you look for a digital piano that is modern and stylish, then you should consider the Yamaha P255. This is the newest release from Yamaha and it comes in black and white. It’s part of the bestselling P line from Yamaha. All of Yamaha’s digital pianos have sound sampled from Yamaha Grand Pianos. They are putting a lot of thought into the manufacturing of their products.

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The Yamaha P255 is the best choice for musicians looking for a digital piano perfectly suited for both practice and live performance. It has a portable design, making it easier to carry. It also has two built-in speakers that will enable you to sound equally great in any setting you choice, without the need for external amplification.

UPDATE: The successor of the P255 is out. If you want to see how much better it is in comparison, read our Yamaha P515 review.

Probably the strongest point of the P255 is the sound. It has a Pure CF Sound Engine, which means you get to choose from different voices, all of equally high quality. The engine enables this digital piano to very realistically recreate the sound of acoustic grand pianos. It excels at this aspect, and is among the top choices if you look for grand piano sounds.

One of the most interesting features of the Yamaha P255B is the controller app for iOS. It makes controlling your digital piano very easy and intuitive. You can test out different configurations and generally manage everything with the touch of a finger.

The low keys have a heavier touch than the light keys thanks to the graded hammer action, making it feel a lot like an acoustic grand piano. The white keys have a layer of synthetic ivory on top. They absorb moisture very efficiently giving you the liberty to play for as long as you want, preventing your fingers from slipping.

Another interesting feature of the P255 is the sound boost button. It provides instant amplification of the sound making it louder and enhancing its presence, at the push of a button. The circular speakers on this Yamaha vibrate in a natural manner, producing a very well balanced sound. The quality of the sound is higher when compared to some models with oval speakers.

The EQ sliders are comfortably placed on the right side of the dashboard. There are three sliders, one each for low, mid and high frequency ranges. You can easily change the tonal configuration by moving these sliders to better suit the song you’re playing or the environment you’re playing in.

Overall the Yamaha P255 is a great option for beginners and especially for more advanced musicians, who frequently perform in front of others and need a quality instrument that offers many useful features.

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