Kawai CE220 Digital Piano Review

The Kawai CE220 Digital piano is a masterful musical instrument manufactured by the famous Japanese brand Kawai. The company claims that this model is equally adequate for beginners as well as for professional pianists. The piano is mostly handmade and a piece of art in handicraft collection. The elegance and graceful CE220 is satin black and has a classical and impressive look.

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The 187 pound digital piano has dimensions of 54 x 20 x 35 inches. It has an 88 wooden keyboard with a graded hammer. Using brilliant sound sourcing CE220 digital piano offers progressive harmonic imaging sound technology with 88-key piano sampling options. It gives a range of 4 touch levels (Hard/Medium/Soft/Fixed). Moreover it has 3 pedals including chorus, delay, tremolo, rotart effects for the player. The Kawai CE220 digital piano offers some special settings like the dual and split keyboard modes. There is also a panel slider to control the balance.

On the piano you will discover 29 songs within the music book. You can adapt to different functions like transpose, tuning, virtual voicing, virtual technician and touch curve. There are 192 polyphony tones in the piano with an amplifier of 20×2 Watts. On the dashboard there is a 2 character LED display screen to show the menus, not the most impressive I’ve ever seen, but it’s not a deciding factor in this case. And last but not the least the piano comes with a 3 year warranty on all parts and labor.

The new Kawai CE220 model offers great value for your money. The harmonic technology gives a true sound experience to the player with superb vibrations and recreational ability of sound. The advanced keyboard enables the user to create individual sounds with the help of the different shapes and design of every hammer. The keyboard is also highly sensitive and makes it so easy to play on it. The volume control is another efficient addition to the CE220. The user can create a lovely rhythmic pattern using the pedals.

The additional features in the CE220 include the superior polyphony. This enables the user to play complex musical sounds. The new reverbs and different chorus are a brilliant addition as well. The key transpose function and tuning control are far more advanced than what you would find on the previous models. There is an easy switching facility available to ease out the user piano operations. The tempo and volume control feature addition has so many rhythmic options for the user.

The internal memory of the piano is pretty good, having 29 songs in the music book is not a record, but still a nice feature. If you want to transfer any song to or from the piano, this can be easily done through USB. The company provides 2 headphone jacks for 2 people. They can hear the music that’s played on the piano simultaneously. The piano can record what you play, so you can later transfer them to a computer and edit, if you want.

Some users find the piano to be stiff and hard to operate. They feel that the instruction manual is not quite helpful to them and there is no synthesizing ability in the piano. The piano is made of wood but it really does not feel exactly the same. The material looks of a lower quality. But these drawbacks are physical and not technical, so it’s worth buying. The Kawai CE220 digital piano is for the hardcore piano players who love to synchronize their soul with the piano beats. For new beginners it is a good platform to learn on.

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