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Playing the piano is by far one of the most rewarding activities. Although learning to play the piano can be pretty challenging at times, many models of digital pianos offer tone and sound options that make the whole learning experience a lot more fun. But once you reach a good level in playing the piano and can easily play a musical piece by, let’s say Mozart, you might want to write songs of your own.

Writing your own songs takes playing the piano to an entirely other level. You will discover a world of endless musical expression possibilities. Actually, when you write your music, you no longer just play the piano, you express yourself through art. It’s something entirely different from just reproducing a musical piece.

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Learning how to write a song takes some dedication and practice, like learning to play the piano in the first place, but the rewards are even greater. Once you learn how to write a song, your only limit will be your own creativity. Of course, some people with more musical talent will find learning to write songs easier than others, but anyone can succeed with some practice and dedication.

What is Superior Songwriting?

Superior Songwriting is a course, written by Stuart Sinclair, that teaches you everything about writing songs from the fundamentals up to the most advanced concepts. It practically requires no advanced prior knowledge on the subject on your part.

Besides covering the creative part into detail, the course also teaches you how to market your music. This part alone sets Superior Songwriting apart from other courses. For those that have a musical ear, songwriting can turn out as a profitable business idea. Earning a living while doing something that you love is the best possible scenario that you can find yourself in.

Besides the main course, you get 3 bonuses in your package, that are meant to help you achieve your goals more easily:

     Bonus #1: Rhyme Master Pro is a dictionary that will help you express yourself. For example, if you want to use a particular word, but it doesn’t really fit into the song, just type it into Rhyme Master Pro and it will find one that does.

     Bonus #2: Songwriting Creativity will help you get rid of the mental block that all of us experience once in a while. There are practical exercises included in this section that will help you get over a creative block and start producing something great. It also covers exercises that are meant to expand your vocabulary.

     Bonus #3: Mini Recording Studio Software is a software that will help you record and edit your songs so they sound exactly like you intend them to sound. If you consider turning your passion into business, this software will help you do so. It’s like having your own recording studio at home, and comes as a bonus to the Superior Songwriting course.

 Why Superior Songwriting?

Besides getting a deeper understanding on how successful songwriters go about their projects, there’s a series of benefits that come with this course:

  • You’ll learn how to capture the essence of a song idea;
  • You’ll learn how to surpass creative block;
  • You’ll learn how to be confident about writing songs;
  • You get a step-by-step guide that will teach you exactly how to market the songs that you write.

I particularly found the guide about how to submit a package to publishing companies very useful. It points out the importance of networking and the ways in which it can have a desirable effect on your songwriting career.

There are other benefits as well. The course also teaches you how to write songs with others and the principles of collaboration. It’is very well organised and written. The included exercises are easy to follow and understand, thanks to the absence of technical terms. I didn’t have any advanced knowledge about musical composition before but could easily understand the lessons and concepts of this course.

Are there any drawbacks?

This is a relative question. It ultimately depends on you. As long as you’re putting in some consistent work for as long as it takes you to finish the course and gain that extra package of knowledge, you’re going to have success and accomplish your goals. Buying this course is not enough. You have to put in the hours to get the results. You have to prove some dedication to the cause and success will appear faster than you might think.

You have to give yourself the necessary time it takes to learn the lessons at every step of the way. The basics are easy to learn but the more advanced techniques take some time. But as long as you’re consistent you’re going to know how to write great songs and market them like a professional. If you already know how to play the piano it will be an easy upgrade to your all around artistic abilities.

Final Thoughts

I think Superior Songwriting is a very useful program if you want to get into songwriting seriously. It covers everything that you need to know to unleash your musical creativity. And the best thing is that it also teaches you how to transform your passion into a profitable business and ultimately live doing what you love.

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