The Top 5 Books That Help You Learn To Play The Piano

Piano is considered to be the most popular musical instrument in the world. Its popularity has spread across all boarders and nearly everybody wants to know how to play piano. The demand by people that want to know how to play the piano is mostly influenced by the advantages of knowing how to play this musical instrument.

Some of the benefits of knowing how to play the piano include; enhancing coordination, bettering mathematical ability, sharpening concentration and promoting happiness in the player’s life as well as the listeners’, should there be any.

Those are just but a few examples of the benefits that come with knowing to play the piano. With that in mind, it is therefore important to know some of the best books that can equip a learner with skills on how to play the piano. To be mentioned are the top five books on learning to play the piano.

1. PlayTime Classics: Level 1

PlayTime Classics Level 1

This is perhaps the best introductory book for beginners who want to know how to play the piano in a short period of time. It introduces learners to the best known symphonic and operatic literature of some of the best composers in history. The selection chosen are good for they have appealing melodies and rhythmic vitality. The arrangements are simplified from the original orchestral pieces to a level that is suitable for elementary piano. The print is very clean and readable. Although the book is great but it is not appropriate for the young beginners because most pieces include eighth notes.

2. Adele

Adele - 21 Easy Piano

This book is mostly loved by people due to its simplicity. Most people enjoy it’s easy to learn approach. The book is very suitable to beginners of all ages unlike some books which are mostly for the adults. Those at the intermediate level find the book to be so boring. The melodies in the book have been viewed by some users as odd melodies and not the actual music they expected. This is one of the disadvantages of this book.

3. Piano Adventure

Piano Adventures Lesson Book

Piano Adventure Lesson book is arguably the best book for piano learners. The book is thorough and well rounded to help learners improve their skills. It introduces learners to eighth note rhythm patterns. The students can also work with 5-finger transposition, functional harmony and also musical phrases. The book is loved by many due its simplicity. Critics say that the book works well for those who have some experience with piano than those with no prior experience to the piano.

4. ChordTime Popular

ChordTime Popular

The book has a variety of songs. The songs selected are a bit decent to accommodate even the young ones. The arrangement of the book is great and allows learners to learn quickly. The book is so addictive that learners need not to be reminded about piano time for they will mostly find themselves trying to play the songs. Some say the book is over simplified and has lost integrity of the songs.

5. The Beatles Best: Easy Piano

The Beatles Best Easy Piano

The book has easy arrangements of 120 beatles hits. The book is very useful for beginners who are assured of an easy time with the book. This is due to the easy arrangements and a good spread out format that enables learners to read it easily. The bad thing with the book is that it does not accommodate those at the intermediate level. The arrangement is so simple that people at an advanced level find it to be time-wasting.

From the above, it can be clearly seen that a piano learner has a wide variety of choice when it comes to getting the best book for piano lessons. The best book can only be determined by the level of skill of an individual. ChordTime Popular being the best for beginners and Piano Adventure for those who have experience with piano.

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