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Digital Pianos Under $1000

Welcome to our “Best Digital Pianos under 1000 Dollars” category. Browse through our reviews of some of the best choices in this price range.

Roland RP102 Featured

Roland is a musical instrument manufacturer that usually produces high end musical equipment. You can’t, or better said couldn’t, find any products from Roland that were in the affordable or beginner category. Check Today’s Best Price on Amazon But about a year and a half ago, towards the end of 2017 they surprised us by […] Read more

Roland FP-30 Review Featured

Welcome to our Roland FP-30 review, a digital piano part of the portable line from Roland. The FP-30 was released last year, and has gotten a lot of appreciation from people who have bought and tested it. The FP line from Roland stands for high standard portable digital pianos, which can be used successfully by […] Read more

Korg B1 Review Featured

Korg is, by now, a name in the digital piano industry. Although they’re not as big as Yamaha or Casio, their products are competitive enough to be comparable to models developed by the big names. What makes them stand out is the very good quality for relatively affordable prices. Today’s Korg B1 review is our […] Read more

Casio PX-770 Review Featured

With this Casio PX-770 review, we’re attempting to analyze this successor of the well rated PX-760. Along the PX-870, the PX-770 is the new version in Casio’s line of cabinet digital pianos. In this review we’re going to take an in-depth look at this musical instrument, and see how it compares to the predecessor. Casio […] Read more

Yamaha P125 Review Featured

If you want to find out more about the latest release from Yamaha, you landed in the right place. In this article we review the Yamaha P125, the newer and updated version of the highly successful Yamaha P115. This is the latest entry in the already well-known and established P-series of Yamaha. P in P-series […] Read more

Casio Privia PX-870 Digital Piano

The piano has always been the most admirable instrument of all times. It depicts a high-class and considered grand. So, the all new Casio Privia PX-870 Digital Piano, brings back that nostalgic experience to you. It is big and the frame is made using pressed wood that gives it a nice texture and adds to […] Read more

Kawai ES110 Digital Piano

Kawai Musical Instruments Manufacturing Co. Ltd is recognized globally for its high quality top-of-the-line musical instruments such as grand pianos, upright pianos, electronic keyboards as well as electronic synthesizers. Check Today’s Best Price on Amazon The company was established in 1927 by its founder Koichi Kawai, who was a gifted inventor with a passion for […] Read more

Yamaha YDP103R Arius Series Digital Console Piano with Bench

One of the digital pianos we haven’t reviewed yet is the Yamaha YDP103R. We decided to take a closer look at this instrument, to understand what it brings to the table and why it’s so appreciated by both beginning and more advanced pianists. Check Today’s Best Price on Amazon This is what our research brought […] Read more

Yamaha DGX-660 Digital Piano Review

The latest of a line of truly great digital pianos is the Yamaha DGX-660. The former model, the DGX-650 is a great value for money option and of course, one of the best digital pianos that you can find. It’s popularity among the choices of numerous aspiring artists is not surprising. Check Today’s Best Price […] Read more

Casio CGP-700BK Compact Grand Piano

That Casio follows its mantra of “creativity and contribution” quite religiously, is evident by the numerous innovative and imaginative products they keep introducing year after year. With over 35 years of experience in manufacturing keyboards (and over 65 years in consumer electronics goods), Casio’s name stands synonymous to innovation and excellence. With its latest CGP […] Read more