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Yamaha Digital Pianos

\"YamahaYamaha is one of the top players in the digital piano industry, and has been for years. Yamaha digital pianos stand for high sound quality and attention to details. Their sound is sampled from Yamaha\’s concert grand pianos, which are some of the best in the world. The YDP-V240 is one of the best digital pianos on the market. It\’s much more than a simple instrument, it\’s an investment that will last you for years. With this bundle you save 26% on the Yamaha and get free gifts that will make you enjoy your new piano even more.

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Yamaha ARIUS YDP-181

The Yamaha ARIUS YDP-181 digital piano provides true piano sound, feel and expressive control. The Graded Hammer keyboard has a remarkably authentic sound and natural touch, making it a true joy to play, both in practice and performance. The lower notes on the Graded Hammer keyboard have a heavier touch, while the higher notes are […] Read more

Yamaha CP4 Featured

Yamaha has produced some amazing musical instruments on the course of the past years, and the Yamaha CP4 stage piano has all the qualities needed to fit into this category. Following their 2010 production of Yamaha CP1, the CP4 is out to address any disadvantages that it may have posed. This new and improved version has […] Read more

Yamaha CP50 CP Series Digital Piano

Yamaha offers an enormous reach of digital pianos from passage level instruments to affectionately carefully assembled gems, with timeless models, created from the finest materials. Click here to save 23% on the Yamaha CP50 The Yamaha CP50 Digital Piano has the center sounds and innovation of the CP1 , yet its adaptability and compact size make it […] Read more

Yamaha CP1 Stage Piano

Yamaha first launched its CP designation on its electronic stage pianos. By today’s standards, the earlier electric and electric-acoustic CP pianos from Yamaha were too heavy. However, it is this heaviness that made them an industry standard for those who wanted to get real piano sound on the stage, when touring with an acoustic piano […] Read more

Yamaha P255B 88-Key Digital Piano

      If you look for a digital piano that is modern and stylish, then you should consider the Yamaha P255. This is the newest release from Yamaha and it comes in black and white. It’s part of the bestselling P line from Yamaha. All of Yamaha’s digital pianos have sound sampled from Yamaha […] Read more

Yamaha CP33 Stage Piano 1

The Yamaha CP33 Stage Piano is the electrical alternative to the traditional majestic grand piano. The CP33 is one of the best so-called ‘electric grands’ on the market as it offers you the authentic sound of a grand piano, with all of the extra sound effects, and mixing and recording capabilities of a digital keyboard. […] Read more

Yamaha DGX650B Digital Piano

Yamaha DGX650B Digital Piano is another of Yamaha’s newest amazing products. It has some incredible and interactive features that makes learning, sharing and playing music fun. It has a well thought out design that makes it convenient for both beginners and professional pianists. Additionally, it has a keyboard that provides an acoustic piano tone and […] Read more

yamaha arius ydp142

The sound of digital pianos varies, that is why you must have heard someone saying that a piano has a brighter or a warmer sound than the other. However, aspiring pianists, must be able to understand its key features when choosing a digital piano. A good piano must be able to provide authentic piano touch […] Read more

Yamaha YPT-240

The Yamaha YPT-240 keyboard has versatile functions and sounds. This is the ideal musical instrument for people aspiring to be musicians but are just getting started. This keyboard features Ultra wide Stereo technology for the production of great sound and a wide stereo image. The Yamaha YPT-240 digital piano comes equipped with on-board lessons for […] Read more

Yamaha DGX640W Digital Piano Review

If you’re in the market for a new digital piano or just getting started learning scales this next piano might be of interest to you. The Yamaha DGX640 is a great piano for someone who loves to play piano and still have the ability to choose from many different sounds and instruments. Beginners to intermediate […] Read more