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Here at BestDigitalPiano, besides guides and reviews, we are committed to offering you only the best and most useful information about different aspects of this wonderful musical instrument called piano. This is why we decided to do some analysis on the best piano resources that you can find online. There are dozens of websites where you can read useful stuff about pianos, teaching and learning to play the piano, but we only included those that we thought offered the most interesting and useful content about the subject. We personally take the time to check out these websites periodically. They’re listed below in no particular order:

Musician’s Health

Musician’s Health is an educational web site devoted to the understanding and the explanation of musician’s injuries, along with guidelines regarding injury prevention, optimizing your musical performance, and for achieving an optimum state of health.


soundLINCS is a not-for-profit community music organisation unleashing potential through music by delivering high-quality and innovative music making opportunities.

Since 1998, Your Internet Portal for Blues and Indie Music Links,
Musician’s Resources, Band Links, Club & Festival Listings, CD Reviews and Music Gifts.

Paregal Pianos UK

Paregal Pianos UK are specialists in pianos new or used. They buy, sell, rent, hire, restore, and re-polish pianos. If you are looking to rent or purchase a piano, they have an entire selection of it.


Movinmusic is the website of musician Mike Hellier.

Mike Hellier was born and raised in London. He was introduced to music from an early age. Some of his fondest memories are of his father – a very accomplished classical pianist – playing the piano thereby igniting his interest and fascination with music.

Over the years Mike has developed a formidable double shuffle technique by studying Latin rhythms. This enables him to have the finger technique and control to really swing with a full range of dynamics so appreciated by American blues artists.

Johnson String Instrument

Johnson String Instrument: violin, viola, cello and bass sales, rentals, strings and accessories, plus sheet music, and much more.

Piano Buyer

Acoustic & Digital Piano Buyer

Acoustic & Digital Piano Buyer (“Piano Buyer“) is a consumer guide to buying, selling, and maintaining new, used, and restored acoustic pianos and digital pianos, and is published online twice a year (Spring and Fall). It is the successor to The Piano Book and the Annual Supplement to The Piano Book.

Piano Street

If you’re a classical pianist, piano teacher, student or piano music enthusiast, then Piano Street is a really valuable resource for you. Their main aim is to provide great content on classical piano music and to bring together and promote communication between people with the same passion from all over the world. You can find downloadable sheet music, recordings of the most known classical piano pieces, a forum and a blog where you can find useful articles.


This is the blog of Bruce Brubaker, the chairman of the piano department of America’s oldest institution of professional musical training, the New England Conservatory in Boston. PianoMorphosis is a blog centered around the concept of change in music and society (with an impact on music). If you’re really passionate about the piano, here you’ll find tons of in-depth, philosophical pieces of content that debate all angles of the changes that we’re going through.

The Collaborative Piano Blog

The Collaborative Piano Blog is a website run by Chris Foley, a pianist, teacher, vocal coach and blogger based in Toronto, Canada. He teaches piano at the Royal Conservatory of Music. The Collaborative Piano Blog is a website that looks at the art of the piano in ensemble, various piano-related resources and events, the world of classical music, music education and how to put all of it together through technology.


We like this website a lot and think that Tim Praskins, the creator of AZPianoNews, is doing such a great job offering genuine guidance for anyone looking to buy a new or used digital piano. He’s an experienced piano, keyboard, organ and guitar teacher, but above all one of the most qualified voices in the industry. On his website you’ll find an abundance of honest and useful advice on discovering exactly what you need, whether you’re a beginner or a more experienced musician.

Tim Topham

If you’re a piano teacher, you’re probably always striving to be more efficient, better your technique and offer a more fun and captivating learning experience. is the personal blog of Tim Topham, an Australian piano professional, who started the blog after discovering that some amazing techniques that he’s been using in his studio were completely unknown for other teachers. If you’re a piano teacher, you could benefit a lot by checking out some of the information on this website.

The Piano Guys

If you’re into musical instruments you probably know The Piano Guys. If you don’t, then the best thing you can do is check out their YouTube channel to better understand. They’re an extremely talented group of guys who can’t stop amazing everyone with every new video they post. They’re a the perfect example for what a talented person can do with a musical instrument. They also have a very interesting blog, that you can check out right here.

The Classical Piano and Music Education Blog

This is a resource where you can find a lot of great content on classical music, piano tuition, live interviews and all aspects of music education. The website is run by Melanie Spanswick, a classical pianist, teacher, presenter, adjudicator and author.

Susan Paradis Piano Teaching Resources

Piano Teaching Resources is the blog of Susan Paradis, a longtime member of the Texas Music Teacher Association and the Music Teachers National Association. She has many years experience as a music educator in private and public schools, in music therapy and as a voice and private piano teacher. On her website you’ll find an extensive collection of her own teaching materials to download. It’s an important resource for anyone learning to play the piano.

Piano Blog

This website is very useful for both teachers and students of piano. Yo can find so much information debating every angle of teaching/learning to play the piano. The articles that you can read here are well structures and informative. If you’re interested in teaching piano, “Music Studio Success – Open Your Private Teaching Practice Fast And Run It Like A Pro” by Matt McLaughlin, the man behind the Piano Blog is a great resource to start with.

IMSLP Journal

IMSLP is the largest classical music resource in the world, and we now have a journal to keep you updated on the latest happenings.  Anyone is welcome to submit an article, and we encourage you to participate in order to promote free and open discussion in the classical community at large.

Music Files

Lots of Sheet Music available for free download, including Piano and other instruments covering Classical and Traditional genres, with a lot of information about film music and composers.

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