Yamaha YDP 163 Digital Piano Review

In this review, we’re taking a look at a new release, the Yamaha YDP 163 Digital Piano. Right from the start, it’s easy to notice the better GH3 classified hammer key action, comprising the touch of ivory feeling keys, compared to its’ forerunner YDP 162. Yamaha YDP 163 has a clean CF sound-engine that imitates Yamaha CFIIIS grand piano sound accompanied by other 9 sounds. YDP 163 was released with extra key sensitivity, polyphony, and extra minor features compared to the former model, the YDP 162. You would think it needs a lot of power to sustain all these new and improved features, but on the contrary, it has low energy consumption.

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Along with the current USB-midi-function, Bluetooth function is now introduced. It’s now possible for you to connect the new Yamaha YDP 163 to an ios computer or device completely wireless. Yamaha-YDP 163 uses low power compared to YDP 162. However, its speakers are powerful, players are able to enjoy Yamaha’s sound CFIIIS headsets with Yamaha YDP 163’s stereo optimizer.

UPDATE: Also read our Yamaha YDP-164 review, to see how Yamaha innovated the successor of the YDP-163.

Yamaha YDP 163 comes with a bench. But, honestly, they could have included a better one, with storage and enough seating surface for two. That would have been a true advantage for beginners.

Yamaha YDP 163 is suitable for both novice players and pro-pianists, at stage or home. You can find it in rosewood and black walnut in America.

Yamaha YDP 163 compared to Yamaha YDP 162

• The polyphony for Yamaha YDP163 is 192, while that of Yamaha YDP162 is 128.

• The key sensor for Yamaha YDP163 is GH3 {3 sensors} while for Yamaha YDP162 is GH {2 sensors}.

• Power consumption for Yamaha YDP163 12W, while that for Yamaha YDP162 13W.

• Yamaha YDP163 has Bluetooth while Yamaha YDP162 doesn’t have.


Together with pure CF-engine-sound, Yamaha YDP 163 because the capacity to mimic three grand piano voices comprising 2 E-piano, pipe organ, vibraphone, jazz organ CFIIIS, harpsichord, and strings. Polyphony 192 for Yamaha YDP 163 makes it possible for players to experience responsive and dynamic sound. The combination of Yamaha YDP 163’s double speakers and thorough sound sampling could produce the excellent touching expertise towards the gamers. In contrast to Yamaha YDP 162 include most effective single sound imitation of the grand piano.


Has 88-key weighted hammer action it has an identical system as an acoustic piano in that bigger pitched keys are lighter than curb pitched keys? YDP 163 has the new GH3 key sensor, which is extra touchy and acoustic-like than it has’ earlier than mannequin YDP 162.

Layer (two layers)

With this manner, that you would be able to play two extraordinary sounds at the same time on one key. You’re going to be in a position to play piano and string’ sound or piano and organ’ sound concurrently on one key. You’ll be able to make the performance extra wonderful and provides you with extra enjoyment.

Duet Mode

That you may divide the keyboard into two separate keyboards with the equal chromatic scale. This is will grow to be much like playing two distinctive pianos; it is fit for efficiency or a lesson between a scholar and a teacher.

Split point

That you would be able to play two special instrument sounds on each and every hand inside a keyboard. For example, the left hand can play vibration, the proper hand can play the piano; it offers outcomes of 1 person playing two special instruments sound. Transpose function you can quite simply harmonize with one of a kind devices.


Yamaha YDP163 includes recording, metronome, USB perform, 50 Greats for the piano music publication, optional wi-fi adapter (can connect to wise contraptions to make use of the app), and it has an OUT IN plug that may connect to yet another speaker. Yamaha YDP163 also has USB function that connects to PC to do composition.


Yamaha YDP 163 comes with the piano, cabinet stand, A/C adapter, 3 pedal and four-legged bench color on hand in black walnut and rosewood assurance Yamaha YDP163 supplies 3-year section and labor assurance.


The Yamaha YDP 163 Console Digital Piano got a 5 star rating for multiple reasons, which are probably obvious by now. We recommend you to buy it online because, of course, you will most likely find the best price and you won’t have to carry it home yourself, which might be next to impossible unless you drive an SUV.

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