Williams Rhapsody 2 Console Digital Piano Review

The Williams Rhapsody 2 88-Key Console Digital Piano is a great addition to any musical operation. With weighted keys, this digital piano provides the authentic feel of using a traditional, acoustic grand piano. Rhapsody 2 is centered not only around classical impression, but also 12 other custom sounds to help you achieve the perfect reverberance. Get all benefits of owning a piano and more without all the hassle of maintaining an acoustic piano. This 88 hammer-action keys and fully furnished wood-like finish digital piano looks an feels very much like its acoustic counterpart.

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Williams Rhapsody 2 Features

This model comes with a broad set of features that can enhance your music and music making process to the next level. Simply plug in your piano, press a few buttons and be on your way.

  • 12 high-definition custom sounds on 32 Mbyte sample ROM;
  • (2) Grand Pianos- (2) Electric Pianos- (2) Organs- (1) Nylon Guitar- (1) Upright Bass- (1) Electric Bass- (1) Strings- (1) Synth Pad- (1) Vibes;
  • Sustain and Sostenuto pedals;
  • 64-voice polyphony;
  • Modulation/FX control;
  • 5 free songs with McCarthy Music educational software;
  • Stereo system;
  • Intelligent control panel with easy-to-read LCD display;
  • USB/MIDI connection, MP3 input, stereo outputs with ¼ jacks;
  • Headphone output;
  • Music rest;
  • Stylish PVC wood-like finish;
  • 88 fully weighted keys;
  • Track recorder.

Williams Rhapsody 2 vs. Others

As good as the Rhapsody 2 is, it’s not the most advanced piece out there. If you’re looking for something more advanced, shoppers often look at the Williams Overture digital piano. For about a hundred dollars more, you get a larger array of details such as sound sets, preset songs, effects, and full pedal capabilities.

For around $130 less, the Williams Allegro 2 is a nice option for beginners. While you still get the same 88 hammer-action key quality, you don’t exactly get all the other features. This digital piano comes with basic sounds, a sustain pedal, 10 preset songs, and is very easy to use.

If you’re looking for something along the same lines of the Williams Rhapsody 2 but a different brand, there’s also the Yamaha YPG-535 88-Key Portable Grand Piano Keyboard for around the same price range. While it has the same technical features as the Rhapsody (aux, headphone jack, usb, etc.), it does not come with the same type of music features. This Yamaha comes with sounds like clarinet, trumpet, muted trumpet, flute, pan flute, soprano & tenor saxes, and trombone. It also comes with 30 preset songs and has a song control feature. This model however, does not come with hammer-action keys and therefore, may not have the same natural feel of an acoustic piano.

The only down sideof the Rhapsody 2 is that, like all digital pianos, it won’t ever sound the exact same as an acoustic piano. The fact that it does not come with all three foot petals is just an additional factor in this downside. It also doesn’t come with a huge variety of sounds, which may be a problem for some.


Overall, the Williams Rhapsody 2 88-Key Console Digital Piano is the perfect match for any intermediate musician. It has very useful and advanced features without losing any of the original quality that an acoustic piano brings. While it’s not the absolute best for more complex projects, it’s still a great model for someone who’s serious about their music making. Whether you’re thinking about getting this Rhapsody 2 or any other Williams model, you can count on there being a perfect digital piano out there for you.

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