Yamaha P155 Digital Piano Review

I always liked acoustic grand pianos, but they have some obvious disadvantages, like the difficulty to move and the restrictive price. Digital pianos are a similar musical instrument, and with the advances in technology during recent years, they bring even more value for money. Yamaha P155 is a full sized digital piano that sounds and feels like an acoustic piano, but is at a fraction of its price.

I really liked the P155. Although not having many of the features that other digital pianos have, the fundamentals are very strong. It has a simple design and is very easy to use.

There were only two cons that I could find about this digital piano. The first is that you can only record 3 of your own songs on the piano. I don’t consider this as a decisive factor. But, if they wanted to integrate this feature, it wouldn’t have been too hard to put a bigger memory on it, so you can record multiple tracks.

The second aspect that I noticed is that it still doesn’t have the feel of an acoustic piano, but it brings a lot more to the table than other digital pianos in the price range. Yamaha did a great job with this digital piano.

The mahogany insertion is of a nice design decision as it brings a certain distinction with it. The keys are weighted, still not quite the acoustic piano feel, but very close. I experienced better feel of the keys with the PX850 from Casio, which is in the same price range.

If you’re learning to play the piano, this is a great instrument to start out with. Above all, it will last you for many years. Even if you will not play it daily for the rest of your life, the Yamaha P155 is a nice addition to any room and will bring a lot of fun to the entire family.

Check out this demo below of the Yamaha P155

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