Yamaha DGX640W Digital Piano Review

If you’re in the market for a new digital piano or just getting started learning scales this next piano might be of interest to you. The Yamaha DGX640 is a great piano for someone who loves to play piano and still have the ability to choose from many different sounds and instruments. Beginners to intermediate level players would be best suited for this piano as well as people who just want to play on a piano as a hobby.

Some great features of the DGX640 include the good keyboard action and overall good quality of the piano itself. This piano is a sturdy piano, and when you play the weighted keys you really get a good feel for what an acoustic piano prides itself on. Packed with sounds, the DGX640 has over 500 different sounds to choose from. This will create so much potential for creation. you can even layer the sounds and split them across the keyboard. Imagine the sound right now flowing from your fingertips. Think about this, if you start feeling like the piano sound is starting to get a little bland you can choose another. You can switch to violin, or harp, or guitar or any of the other 500 different sounds and seriously change the mood of your playing.

The DGX640 comes with a built in 6 track recorder with option to save tracks on the internal storage or on a USB. This means you can record 6 different instruments and play them back all at once. You can even speed up the recordings to play as fast as you want or slow them down to play as slow as you want. Another feature of the piano is that it can support 3 pedals. This allows you to include nuances and subtle variances to your playing. These pedals probably won’t be used by the beginner but if you plan on learning and sticking with it you are going to be happy that this feature is included. The intermediate player will get the most use from this feature.

The LCD screen is another great feature not included on many digital pianos. This provides the user a easy to navigate menu system of sounds and recording options transforming the way that the player interacts with his instrument. Some users have said that certain parts of the menu system could be a bit more intuitive but overall the poll says that its better than not having one. The speaker is another feature that has had mixed opinions. Some say that the sound is not very loud, meaning that there isn’t sufficient power to the speakers. But others say that it sounds great. I guess it depends on how loud you would like to play your piano. Either way there is a stereo input to plug in your headphones.

Overall, the Yamaha DGX640 has an incredible sound, incredible feel, and incredible features. It is definitely not a portable piano but it is packed with tons of features that will have you playing for hours and hours. You can record yourself on the multitrack recorder and speed it up or slow it down. Great choice for beginners to intermediate players.

Check out this demo below of the Yamaha DGX640

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