Casio AP420 Celviano Digital Piano Review

Are you looking for a great sounding piano for a fraction of the cost of a Yamaha? Want to play piano at night but you don’t want to disturb your roommates or apartment neighbors? Well if this sounds anything like you then maybe the Casio AP420 Celviano Digital Piano is the right choice for you. You could be a beginner or an experienced pianist and still enjoy what this piano can do. Casio worked hard with its designers and engineers to create a digital piano that feels like an acoustic piano but gives you the benefits of a digital machine.

So what makes this piano different from other pianos on the market? Well first off is the price. Compared to equivalent pianos made by other manufacturers like Yamaha, the AP 420 gives you the same quality for almost half the cost. A great thing to keep in mind if you are a parent getting your child their first piano. You can be sure that your child will have a great instrument to learn on without breaking the bank.

The ability to play with headphones is such a great feature. This will allow you to play whenever you feel inspired and not be worrying about disturbing anyone at any time. This piano also comes with all three pedals, a metronome, and the ability to play 16 different sounds. It even has a USB connection port so that you can use a computer to create an infinite amount of sounds. You can use these sounds in so many different ways too. You can split the sounds so that the left side of the piano is one instrument and the right is another. You can even layer sounds on top of each other, like strings and piano, to create beautiful sounds while you play. When you’re ready to show off your skills you can even record your songs right on the piano! The SD card slot lets you easily transfer it to any other device you want.

Now even though the AP 420 has some great features, there are some disadvantages that users have commented on. Some users have noted that when they press the keys down they can feel a thump that is a bit annoying. This is common with digital keys, and is something that you get used to when playing digital instruments.

Some users have commented on how the samples sound tiny compared to the sound of playing. This might be an issue for some experienced users, but if you are a beginner, interested in learning how to play, this shouldn’t affect you very much. But the main complaint about the AP 420 is related to repairs. If a repair is needed most times the piano needs to be shipped to be fixed and this can be a hassle. Some users have had to pay upwards of 200 dollars just to ship it because the authorized place for repairs was far away. Keep this in mind and ask your local piano shops if they know any alternatives. Their advice might save you some bucks and stress in case you ever need to get your piano looked at.

With any big purchase, like a piano, consider both advantages and disadvantages. Ask yourself a lot of questions and trust your gut. Hopefully this article helped you figure out if the Casio AP 420 is the right for you.

Check out this demo below of the Casio Celviano AP420

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