Williams Allegro 88-Key Digital Piano Review

I always liked Williams acoustic pianos. I have never thought that they would make digital pianos, but it happened a few years ago. They compete in the lower price range, having models that range from a few hundred dollars to under 1000 dollars. I haven’t had high expectations from Williams Allegro. But after playing it, I thought that at this price, it’s almost a gift. Williams has held up to its reputation. While you could find better digital pianos, this one is a very good one for beginners, that brings a lot of value for money. It doesn’t have an never ending list of features, but it is a very good instrument looking at all the key aspects: sound, touch and value for money.


  • very realistic keyboard;
  • the keys are weighted, not graded, which is a big difference;
  • comparable feel to acoustic grand pianos;
  • the sound are as realistic as it gets in this price range;
  • the control panel is pretty straight-forward.


  • the display is a 3 digit LED, and having many sub-menus, it’s easy to get confused;
  • manual could be more clear in explaining certain aspects;
  • in multi-voice mode the polyphony fades away a bit, but you don’t have this problem in single voice;
  • the speakers are not the best, but if you connect it to an external audio output it’s going to sound great.

Having a broad experience with pianos generally and digital pianos especially, I can say that for the price, Williams Allegro is the best digital piano. What you must understand is that it is an entry level digital piano. Other manufacturers such as Casio, Yamaha, or Roland, for example have entry level digital pianos that are between $500 and $1000. The price difference is in some cases justified, but, in other cases not. This is why I think that Williams has made a great job with this digital piano. They designed a product that will be sufficient for a beginner, but will not brake the bank.

Check out this demo below of the Williams Allegro

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  1. I just bought a Williams allegro lll today. I took lessons about 7 years ago and worked into an intermediate player. Sense then I have not been able to play the piano so this is my way back to playing. I’m almost starting from scratch but looking forward to the journey. Thanks for the review.

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