Roland F-120 Digital Piano Review

When you’re limited on space in your home or apartment, a digital piano is the perfect choice. When covered up, it’s barely noticeable and doesn’t get in the way. There are many available, but when you’re facing a sea of different digital pianos, it’s hard to choose the right one. A digital piano may not offer the same experience as that of an acoustic piano, but Roland F-120 comes closer than any other.

Roland F-120 is not only pretty stylish and easy to assemble (shouldn’t take you more than an hour to assemble it!) it also has a very authentic sound and is perfect for beginners, because it doesn’t have the many unnecessary buttons at the user interface that many other similar products have. Plus, it doesn’t require any tune ups. This Roland model also has a very clever, minimalistic design and will easily blend into basically any home interior. F-120 looks pretty much like a piece of modern furniture, with it’s clean lines, but is also very compact. Comes in two colors: white and satin black and is also environment friendly.

Roland F-120 has many instrument samples, playback features and also recordings. It’s light and small, but sounds like a grand piano. Unlike with most other digital pianos, the keys on F-120 don’t have that plastic-like feel. Sounds realistic and the speakers are surprisingly good. Will probably fill out a medium sized room with no need for additional speakers.

Additional sounds such as: organ, choir, guitar, harp, strings, has the ability of recording and playing own songs and can save up to a dozen pieces. It’s highly recommended to use good earphones for the best possible sound. Has a lovely slight echo. Also, F-120 makes the transition between an acoustic grand piano to digital piano seem very easy, because of it’s light, but not too light keys.

It’s very realistic to the touch. Like a real piano, it has three pedals (sostenuto, soft and a damper). It has an input jack that allows you to play along with songs, or listen to a lesson on Youtube and also has two headphone jacks, which are great if you don’t want to disturb your neighbors. Great digital keyboard, that doesn’t really feel or sound like a keyboard. Very enjoyable to listen to and additional sounds are great too.

Roland F-120 also comes with a metronome and a MIDI cable and can easily be connected to a computer or a laptop. It also has twin piano features for side by side performance or lessons. On top of all you also get a low power consumption.

The only weak point of Roland F-120 is it’s lack of portability, since it doesn’t have wheels and is definitely meant to be sat on one place, but, on the other hand, it’s light enough to be easily moved around. If you need a piano that sounds grand, but really isn’t and won’t kill your budged, Roland F-120 is the perfect choice. All in all, definitely a good choice, great model for beginners to practice on and by far the best in it’s price range. Highly recommended.

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