Computer Piano – A Software That Takes Musical Composition To Your Computer’s Display

A couple of weeks ago I saw this software at a fellow pianist. I thought it was pretty interesting, and as it wouldn’t break the bank I purchased it as well. Apart from the many features it has, it’s a fun way to sample, compose and mix music. Provided you have a sound system, this computer piano software enables you to compose a limitless variety of musical pieces that will sound amazing. And you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to do so.

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The Digidesign Velvet provides you with very realistic emulations of 4 legendary electric pianos: The Fender Rhodes Suitcase, MKI and MKII stage pianos, and the Wurlitzer A200. Using a combination of sampling and modelling techniques – this software emulates these 4 pianos both from sound and feel points of view. It also includes a built-in preamp, equalizer and multi-effects sections, making possible the reproduction and customization of any piano sound, from classic to contemporary.

computer piano

The software comes with 100 presets, so you can start playing immediately. You have total control over the sound, including adding the keyboard mechanics sound to the signal output. You can customize anything about the sound, like the overall timbre, dynamic response and velocity curve. The Digidesign Velvet computer piano software packs a wide range of features into an easy to use computer platform. It is a great product, but if you would like to compose music, and like the piano, I suggest you look for a digital piano, because most of the better models on the market have computer connectivity.

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