Best Keyboard Amplifier for Your Digital Piano

Digital pianos nowadays have a very smooth sound, which came as a result of years of development. But you would probably want something of a higher volume output, if you want to perform for a crowd or sing with a band. This made me do some research in order to find the best solution for this problem. It depends a lot on what your needs are, but generally there are some guidelines that you can consider when searching for the best keyboard amplifier. The Peavey KB5 qualifies high in aspects such as sound quality, functionality and value for money.


  • The sound is amazing, with absolutely no buzz;
  • It has 4 channels, which lets you plug in 4 different instruments;
  • Every channel has stereo input and and high and low equalizer;
  • One of the channels has an XLR input, so you can plug in your mic and sing along the band;
  • A fifth channel lets you connect a monitor input to play a pre-recorded track or a click-track. It also lets you send an output to a different headphone mix;
  • You can connect it to an external speaker to create a more ample stereo sound if playing in an open or vast space;
  • It features send/returns to either one channel or all four ones ate the same time;
  • All inputs of the keyboard amplifier can be sent through XLR ouputs to a mixing board for example, and from there further to a PA system, if you wish;
  • It has a very good value for money rapport.


  • It’s pretty heavy, but this is expected for this quality;
  • It has parts that have a dense foam layer under the leather which tend to indent if you’re not careful;

Overall Peavey did a good job with the KB5, packing many practical and functional features into a nice design. Although being a bit heavy it’s a high quality keyboard amplifier that is a great solution for many musicians.

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