Casio PX750 Digital Piano Review

It can be pretty difficult to choose the right digital piano, especially since everyone has their preferences and not everyone has the same amount of money on their bank account. If you’re looking for an affordable, yet quality piano Casio PX750 may be the right choice for you. Casio has a large number of great digital piano models but their newest line really took things to another level and Casio PX750 is a perfect example of that.

This piano is a digital piano with grand piano sounds, all of that neatly packaged in a stylish cabinet that comes with a sliding key cover. It comes in black, white and earth brown color. PX750 has 88 keys which are ebony and ivory textured, which adds a nice touch to the piano’s overall look. Also, the keys come with three built in sensors used to capture the dynamics of a performance with accuracy.

What does it sound like? PX750 is a significant step in Casio‘s digital piano evolution, since it has a powerful new sound engine it offers a grand piano sound and experience and also provides great sound realism, unmatched by any of Casio’s previous models.

Along with all grand piano sounds Casio PX750 offers a wide range of instrumental tones like strings, organs, vibraphone and bass sounds. It also has the option of keyboard split, which means when in the so called Duet mode (when the keyboard is split in two equal ranges) piano can be played by two people simultaneously. This option is perfect for beginners who are just starting out, since it allows the teacher and student to play the piano at the same time.

PX750 provides USB connectivity, which means it can be used by Mac and Windows users both, without actually having to install or download drivers and also comes with two headphone jacks. Casio PX750 is functional, affordable and perfect for beginners. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is. Bad thing about this piano is its lack of portability. It’s basically like a piece of furniture, far from being light and not meant to be carried around or moved to often.

What is Casio PX750 like when compared to other Casio digital pianos?

When compared to other Casio digital pianos, the affordable price of PX750 makes it a better option for most people, especially beginners. But, if you’re not a beginner or if you simply have more money in your bank account Casio PX850 is the perfect choice for you. When you start playing, you will know where all the additional money went. PX850 is arguably the best digital piano today and no other piano comes close to what it has to offer in terms of sound realism, design and everything else. It’s probably the only true alternative for a real acoustic piano and no other piano available on the market today comes even remotely close. So, if you’re prepared to spend the extra cash or if you’re a more advanced player in need of true sound realism, PX850 is perfect for you.

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