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Korg Digital Pianos

Korg B1 Review Featured

Korg is, by now, a name in the digital piano industry. Although they’re not as big as Yamaha or Casio, their products are competitive enough to be comparable to models developed by the big names. What makes them stand out is the very good quality for relatively affordable prices. Today’s Korg B1 review is our […] Read more

Korg SV-1 Stage Digital Piano

The Korg SV-1 is a stage piano that comes in two versions, the 73-key and the 88-key version, with 2 foot pedals. They are on average lighter than other stage digital pianos and keyboards, weighing up to 55 pounds. Click here to see price on Amazon   Specifications   It has a maximum polyphony of […] Read more

Korg Kronos X 88-key Music Workstation

Making keyboards is an art and Korg has been a pioneer in doing it. Their Korg Kronos X 88-key Music Workstation is boosted with internal memory and SSD size to give you an even greater control over music creation. This has made Kronos a complete game changer keyboard workstation. Kronos has been a path breaking innovation […] Read more

Korg SP280BK 88-Key Digital Piano Review

I like the sound of Korg digital pianos. Their sound is sampled from Steinway acoustic pianos. And the Korg SP280BK doesn’t make an exception from this rule. It sounds very natural. I’ve tested different Korg digital pianos over the years and I found this one to have strong fundamental aspects such as: weighted keys, great […] Read more