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  1. Hi Eliza,
    I read your Donner DDP-90 and DDP-100 reviews. Which one would you recommend? I’d like to learn to play the piano so having a decent instrument is important to me, but my budget is limited. After a few searches, I decided Donner should be fine with me, but I’m not sure which one. The two models appear to be very similar and the price is about the same. So the question is which would you choose if it were you?
    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Maciej,
      Both the Donner DDP-90 and DDP-100 digital pianos are good choices for beginners, and even for intermediate pianists. They have an advantageous value for money ratio and offer all the characteristics that you need to be able to practice playing the piano. It ultimately comes down to which one you like most. Apart from looks, dimensions are also a factor here, as the DDP-90 is slightly more compact than the DDP-100. But rest assured that whichever you ultimately choose, will cover your needs for quite a while.

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