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Casio Privia PX160

Casio is a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics and electronic musical instruments, and is a well-established brand across the globe. It has been credited with providing some of the finest and most innovative musical instruments, that are equally favored by both beginners and professionals. Casio's Privia line of digital pianos redefined the digital piano category […] continue reading

how to learn to play piano

Everyone can learn to play a piano. Whether you are a 6 year old kid or an adult in your thirties. Whether you are extremely gifted or just an average person with the desire to be a musician. Or someone who always had the passion but never the time or money to learn a piano; […] continue reading

benefits of playing piano

Ever wondered where the phrase "Music to my ears and my heart" got its roots from? Well, no need to scan through ancient English Literature for the solution because scientists already have an answer to that question! Scientific studies conducted on musical instruments and their positive effects on human body, have shown that playing a […] continue reading

what age to start piano lessons

Scientific studies have shown that children who start taking piano lessons from a very young age (usually 5-8 years), register a better development of their mental skills and are also quicker to learn fine motor skills, as compared to other kids of their age group. Getting accustomed to piano playing from an early age also […] continue reading

Kawai ES100 88 key Digital Piano

The Japanese piano maker, Kawai, is a well respected and established brand name when it comes to both digital and acoustic pianos. Their pianos are known to be high-quality products which are a favourite with both piano teachers and expert professionals, as well as with students who are just beginning to learn the nuances of […] continue reading

Yamaha P45B Digital Piano

Yamaha is the Rolls Royce of digital pianos. With both being more than a century old companies, Yamaha has an equally impressive line up of products consisting of digital pianos (numbering around 250 odd models now), which are nothing short of classic. Yamaha divides its various models into different categories based on the built in […] continue reading

Williams Allegro 2

Williams Digital pianos have crafted a name for themselves in the category of versatile, low-price digital pianos, by offering musicians and music enthusiasts a perfect balance of the look, feel, and sound of an acoustic piano along with the amazing range of features that only a digital piano can offer. Click here to save 40% […] continue reading

Casio PX860

When it comes to electronic or digital music instruments, Casio has long established itself as a major player in the domain - whether you are talking about a beginner level instrument or an advanced pro level digital keyboard, Casio boasts of a wide portfolio of instruments to fulfill all such needs of the customers. Click […] continue reading

Yamaha P115B Digital Piano

A digital piano is a modern electronic musical instrument whose main purpose is to serve as an alternative to the traditional acoustic pianos, and while they may fall short of the performance levels of a real (acoustic) piano, they certainly have other advantages, which, when added up, actually end up crowning the digital piano as […] continue reading

best age to start piano lessons

You have probably heard about music having a big impact on the brain development of young children, so wanting to find out about the best age to start piano lessons is only natural. We've made a mission about coming up with the answer to this question, so your child can take maximum advantage of every […] continue reading