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Roland Digital Pianos

Roland RP102 Featured

Roland is a musical instrument manufacturer that usually produces high end musical equipment. You can’t, or better said couldn’t, find any products from Roland that were in the affordable or beginner category. Check Today’s Best Price on Amazon But about a year and a half ago, towards the end of 2017 they surprised us by […] Read more

Roland FP-30 Review Featured

Welcome to our Roland FP-30 review, a digital piano part of the portable line from Roland. The FP-30 was released last year, and has gotten a lot of appreciation from people who have bought and tested it. The FP line from Roland stands for high standard portable digital pianos, which can be used successfully by […] Read more

Roland RD-2000 Review Featured

Stage pianos are the superlatives of digital pianos. They usually have all the elements that a normal digital piano has, plus a bunch of features for the professional musicians out there. This article is our Roland RD-2000 review. Roland has been one of the main players in the digital piano industry for many years. Their […] Read more

Roland FP-90 Review Featured

The time has come for our Roland FP-90 review. The FP-90 is the flagship of the FP-line of portable digital pianos that include the FP-60, FP-30 and FP-10. In this digital piano, Roland has concentrated all of their most refined technology, in order to offer a worthwhile competitor to alternatives from Kawai an Yamaha. Check […] Read more

Roland F-140R

Roland F-140R claims to integrate into modern life, and that may just be right. The sleek, elegant and compact design fits easily into any space. With the leading technology we’ve come to get accustomed to by Roland, you definitely expect to get your money’s worth with regard to sound performance from this compact instrument. Let’s […] Read more

Roland F-130 featured

Roland is a big name in the digital musical instruments industry. They’re one of the top manufacturers of digital pianos, drums, organs, accordions, guitars and others. They have a proven track record of high quality products, and the new Roland F-130 R digital piano is no exception. The F-130 is the new and improved version […] Read more

Roland RD-700NX

When people first take a glance at the Roland RD-700NX, their eyes will fall upon a beautifully crafted electronic piano. There are many benefits that are included in this piano as well as a few disadvantages. In this article you will read a full and honest review about this piano and see if it is […] Read more

Roland F-120-SB Digital Piano

When you’re limited on space in your home or apartment, a digital piano is the perfect choice. When covered up, it’s barely noticeable and doesn’t get in the way. There are many available, but when you’re facing a sea of different digital pianos, it’s hard to choose the right one. A digital piano may not […] Read more

Roland RD-300NX Digital Piano

If you know the sound of Roland digital pianos, then I don’t have to tell you much about it. If you don’t, and you’re looking for a high quality digital piano that has that natural grand piano sound, but is under the $2000 comfort zone, then you will love the Roland RD-300NX Digital Piano. This […] Read more