Yamaha YDP103R Arius Digital Piano Review

One of the digital pianos we haven’t reviewed yet is the Yamaha YDP103R. We decided to take a closer look at this instrument, to understand what it brings to the table and why it’s so appreciated by both beginning and more advanced pianists.

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This is what our research brought up:

Overview of the Yamaha YDP103R

The keyboard provides for a heavier touch in the low end as well as a lighter touch in the high end of the piano. The system is similar to that which is found inside an acoustic piano.

Yamaha YDP103R is a very attractive option, especially if you are a piano beginner. Practicing with a graded hammer standard (GHS) helps you to build up that necessary finger technique for playing on acoustic pianos.

The matte finish on the black keys of the piano is also a great advantage to the starter pianist as it makes them less slippery when playing for quite some extended periods of time. It has also been designed to absorb moisture as well as remaining tactile after extended use without becoming slippery at all.

The piano has an advanced wave memory stereo sampling which has been designed with the ability to recreate natural instrument sound in the stereo mode.

Digital Piano Controller

The controller App,  which has been optimized for connection with iOS devices,  has a very rich graphical user interface, thus allowing for a quick and also easy navigation of the piano settings. Through the app, you’re able to adjust settings, choose voices and also record performances.

Yamaha YDP103R also has a dual mode that will let you combine the two voices produced together, like piano and strings, for an inspiring new piano and keyboard playing experience.

Advance Wave Memory

The Yamaha YDP103R has some really improved sound qualities. It has made strong improvement on the traditional AWM that is the advanced wave memory synthesis. This kind of technology is one which is highly used by Yamaha in delivering the real piano sound to the keyboard.

The advance wave memory is one that uses digital recordings of sources which include the actual instruments. This allows you to be the greatest enjoyment of the grand piano reverberation, at whichever location you are playing your piano from.

The Yamaha YDP103R has been manufactured with the ability to make you easily connect and interact with your instrument. A standard USB cable can therefore be conveniently used to connect the instrument with a computer or with a mobile device. This is a feature that has not been so common with pianos. It has brought along a world of creativity in the Yamaha models, offering entertainment, as well as education.

There are so many advantages that come from being able to connect your mobile devices to the instrument with such ease. This opens up a whole new world of ways in which you can use your musical instrument.

Yamaha YDP103R Highlights

  • Graded hammer action that contains over 88 weighted keys;
  • Matte key tops on the whiter keys for comfortable playing;
  • Has installed convincing piano voicing;
  • Contains half-damper pedaling;
  • The piano has a power adapter and a stand as well as a bench included.


One of the good alternatives of the Yamaha YDP103 is the Casio PX-770. Within our review of the Casio PX-770 you can read our head to head comparison between the two.


Overall, Yamaha YDP103R offers a great experience for advanced pianists and will surely offer as good a leaning experience for beginners. The high user rating on Amazon as of this review, of 4.4 over 136 customer rating is clearly understandable.

Yamaha YDP103R Digital Piano Demo

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