Yamaha P115B Digital Piano Review

A digital piano is a modern electronic musical instrument whose main purpose is to serve as an alternative to the traditional acoustic pianos, and while they may fall short of the performance levels of a real (acoustic) piano, they certainly have other advantages, which, when added up, actually end up crowning the digital piano as the superior version of the same instrument! Other than being a better value for money, digital pianos can be as simple or as full-featured as you desire, plus their portability feature allows them to be set up anywhere in your home or the outdoors. In this article we review the Yamaha P115.

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The legendary P-Series of Yamaha digital pianos brought with it a plethora of such advantages, which made it the industry favourites and the best selling digital piano line of all time. Now the new Yamaha P115 B Digital Piano is the latest keyboard to join this legendary P-Series of digital pianos. It carries on the tradition of the best selling P-Series with even more user-friendly features and much improved sound quality. It is a compact and portable piano, which features Yamaha’s outstanding acoustic piano touch and tone, is easy to use and is suitable for just about everyone from a beginner to a pro!

Key Features of Yamaha P115 B Digital Piano

1. Pure CF Piano Sample – The Pure CF sound engine is the result of years of piano-making expertise of Yamaha as the industry leader in digital piano technology. Sampled from Yamaha’s own renowned CF III concert grand piano which is heard on stages all over the world, the Yamaha P115B Digital piano uses Yamaha’s “pure CF sound engine”, a first for the P-Series, allowing for incredible dynamics and expressiveness.

2. Built-in Rythms – The P115B has on-board drum rhythm patterns (ranging from basic rock to swing beats) for practice and performance, which can be added to the piano tune while practising or using it as a virtual drummer while giving out a performance.

3. Authentic Touch – The Yamaha P115 B Digital Piano boasts of a Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) technology that allows this lightweight instrument to provide an authentic piano touch. Just like the hammers inside an acoustic piano, the P115B has heavier touch in the lower end and lighter touch in the higher end, with an additional option of adjusting the sensitivity levels of the keys. All the aspiring pianists would find this as extra helpful as this builds the proper finger technique for when the time comes to actually play on a traditional acoustic piano.

4. Pianist Styles – This interesting feature of the Yamaha P115 B Digital piano transforms the simple chords into lush accompaniments. Simply play a chord and the Pianist Style will give you 10 carefully selected styles for easy, piano like accompaniment to your solo performance!

5. Power up your Performances – An AUX Out jack allows the Yamaha P115B digital piano to connect to an external amplifier or powered speakers for a powerful outdoor performance.
Additionally, a USB TO HOST port is also present which allows the instrument to be directly connected to an iPad or any computer to use with various tutorial or music production softwares.
Customer Ratings for Yamaha P115B Digital Piano -: 4.2 out of 5 ratings

The general customer reviews for Yamaha P115 B Digital Pianos have been great with its supremely authentic touch and tone being universally and equivocally praised, with its portability and light weight features being applauded too.

• Highly Portable
• a USB to Host’ port
• 192 polyphony notes

• The 3-Year limited warranty is valid and can only be availed when you purchase the digital piano from Amazon.com

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