Casio PX760 Privia Digital Piano Review

Casio is one of the premier brands, renowned worldwide for its high quality and innovative features, when it comes to creating some of the finest quality digital pianos. Casio’s Privia digital pianos (models such as PX 860, PX 750, PX 760, PX 780, PX 160, PX 150,etc) have redefined the digital piano category with their excellent piano sound quality and performance features, presented in a compact, elegant and stylish design which also happens to be supremely portable.

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The newly launched Casio PX760 belongs to the same, incredible Privia line of digital pianos and has been presented to the customers as a direct upgrade to the hugely successful Casio PX750. The PX750 was the only digital piano under $800 across all brands, which offered a compact furniture cabinet model in a digital piano. The latest Casio PX760 retains this excellent feature (and the extremely attractive price tag of the PX750, at $799), and features noticeable upgrades and additions over the PX750. Our review of the new Casio PX760 below, will tell you everything you need to know about it, before you make up your mind to give it a try. Do read on…

Key Features of the Casio PX760

1) AiR Technology – The Casio PX760 like all the other Privia digital pianos, features Casio’s proprietary Acoustic and Intelligent Resonator (AiR) processor technology which allows it to reproduce the sound of the finest acoustic grand pianos, in a very realistic manner. The Air Processor utilizes the grand piano audio samples, recorded at four dynamic sampling to deliver the grand piano sounds with the natural decays and incredibly rich quality. A further touch of realism is added to the digital piano sound quality, by simulating the sound of open strings, when dampers are raised by the pedal. Along with AiR technology and a 128-note polyphony processing power, the Casio PX760 is able to deliver a most realistic piano sound.

2) 88-note Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard – New simulated ivory and ebony textured keys have been added to the Casio PX760, which are of the same size and have same weighted key action as a real acoustic piano. There are also 3 sensors equipped in the keyboard that capture the dynamics of a piano performance with unparalleled speed and accuracy. The Tri-sensor technology allows the PX760 to reproduce key action and sound of a very similar quality to that of a grand piano, by taking into consideration the speed at which different hammers move inside a grand piano relative to he speed with which they are pressed. This allows for an ultimate key-to-sound feel and response, resulting in an incredible sound quality.

3) Concert Play Mode – The PX760 delivers a much more improved sound quality, thanks to its large, dynamic tonal range and 3 electronic sensors per key. To add even more versatility, Casio has introduced a new Concert Play mode in the PX760, which allows you to play the digital piano along with 10 recordings of live orchestra performances. Using these live orchestra recordings, along with the other piano sounds allows you to enjoy the feeling of participating in a grander setting. The Concert Play mode allows you to play a variety of classical music pieces, backed by a full orchestra performance at a tempo of your choice. However, this will require you to possess the ability to read music or play by ear, in order to be able to interact with the classical music properly.

4) Split, Layer & Duet Mode – The Split and Layer modes are present in all the Privia models, that allow you to play bass with your left hand and have two layered tones (e.g. Piano and String or Piano and Organ) in the right. This allows you to make a piano performance more beautiful and more versatile. The Duet mode on the other hand, splits the keyboard into two equal ranges, that allows you to practice with another person playing simultaneously. The Duet mode is ideal for students, where they can play along with their tutors to enhance their skills.

5) USB Connectivity – Casio continue to provide USB connectivity option in all of its Privia models. A USB port in a digital piano allows you to connect easily with your Windows or Mac computer, in order to transfer files (recordings) from your digital piano to the computer and vice-versa. There is no need to download or install any drivers in your computer to be able to connect to your digital piano via USB. Also, there is a two-track MIDI recorder present in the PX760 that allows you to record and playback your performances on the piano. The best part about the 2-track recording is that you can playback the left and right hand playback performance separately, and find out how good your either hand is!

6) 18 Tones, including 5 Grand Piano Sounds – The Casio PX760 has five stereo-sampled Grand Piano sounds – Concert, Classic, Modern, Mellow and Bright, to allow the players to experience a much deeper, richer and grander piano performance. Additionally, there are also 13 other instrument tones such as electric pianos, strings, organs and bass that can serve as supplemental music to the piano sounds. There are also the Reverb, Chorus and Brilliance effect present in the PX760 so that you can fine tune your piano performance in a much better way.

7) Additional Features – Transpose, that allows you to harmonize with other musical instruments. There is a new Lesson function provided, which allows you to practice to 60 in-built demo songs (plus 10 user-loaded songs). Using the Lesson function, you can practice with divided hands before you begin to use both your hands simultaneously on a digital piano. This function makes the PX760 an excellent learning instrument for students and beginners. Other features include Metronome, Touch responsiveness Controls (to determine the touch responsiveness level of the keys), a built-in 8×8 watts Speaker system that is able to produce sufficient sound for a performance at home.


  • Excellent Performance;
  • Excellent Piano Sound Quality;
  • Great Value for Money;
  • A full sized Stand up Cabinet (not to be found in other PX models or models of other brands in this price range);
  • Lightweight, Compact and Highly Portable.


  • None.


The new Casio PX760 is definitely another step forward in the continuing evolution of the Privial line of digital pianos by Casio. It has significantly improved audio quality and a very smooth key action, which provides a whole new level of piano playing experience much closer to that of playing a real acoustic piano. At under $800, the PX760 is an ideal learning instrument for students and beginners as well, if looking for a sincere piano with a few bells and whistles! Also, do not forget the full-sized stand-up cabinet which comes attached to the PX760, a feature not to be found in any other digital piano at this price range. All of these features, which the PX760 carried over from its predecessor the Casio PX750 plus the additional, new improvements with seemingly no flaws, make the Casio PX760 a winner in its category.

Listen to the sound of the Casio PX760:

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