The Best Midi Controller – Korg microKorg 37-Key Analog Modeling Synthesizer Review

The best midi controller out there is the microKorg 37-key analog modeling synthesizer. There are many available controllers ranging from guitar based to computer based synthesizers. For a general fact, the quality of music is determined by the intervention of the artist and is greater than digitally generated or computer sequenced music. Korg synthesizers took this into consideration and have adapted features that gives their modeler the best diversified tool for the creative genius.

The most amazing feature on this Korg synthesizer, that makes it the best midi controller is the vocoder. It allows you to import sounds from the microphone and use them to produce your own synthesized music. The vocoder captures unique live sounds which may range from robotic altered phrases and other musical instruments to simple beat box.  Dj’s use this feature to break the retro feel output from the familiar programs that are set and spice it up with their own version of beat from the mic input. The standard mic included in the Korg can be replaced with a dynamic microphone for enclosed areas to avoid feedback from too much load sounds. Dynamic microphones filter out redundant audio before it even reaches the system, this is best for live performances so more focus can be given to creativity.

The combinations are endless as the mixture that can be produced are based on analog modeling. This is one of the advantages of using analog systems, although it is a digital device on interface, the produced output is analog which can make countless variations of music even with just a single note. The best midi controllers are often analog based, modulation is best orchestrated by oscillating signals controlled by rotating dials. This coined the idea of the usage of circular “DISC” by Disc Jockeys to control the mood by flicking it back and forth. Dials give modulation the key randomness that reflects the artists skill.

The battery powered midi controller allows portability. The cumbersome thing about other controllers is they’re too technical on the wirings alone.  Artists who want to get the best out of their creativity must aim to have a compact analog synthesizer that is readily available to them whenever needed. The only complexity that it has is in the presets and settings where any artist should really focus.

The presets are programmable music that are separated by “A” and “B”. The factory settings on this collection of music can be overwritten to match the needs of the artist. This maximizes flexibility by being able to save your own program and can be called in demand. Artists can spend time alone forming their own genre that can later be used in live performances. For instance some musical instruments could be recorded prior to the performance and be saved onto the available slots.

Korg has been around for 50 years and has provided nothing but excellence. Portability is the best supporting feature and probably, what made the Korg the best midi controller, is its feature that taps into the most powerful musical instrument, our own voice via vocoder.

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