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Casio Digital Pianos

\"bestCasio is one of the leading names in the digital piano industry. Although Casio not having the history and reputation of Yamaha in this industry, they manufactured some of the best digital pianos in their price ranges in recent years. There are other great models that have a higher price tag, but this Casio digital piano gets you the most value for money. This bundle includes the Casio PX850 Privia digital piano at a 27% discount and free useful gifts that will enhance your piano experience.

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Casio PX-770 Review Featured

With this Casio PX-770 review, we’re attempting to analyze this successor of the well rated PX-760. Along the PX-870, the PX-770 is the new version in Casio’s line of cabinet digital pianos. In this review we’re going to take an in-depth look at this musical instrument, and see how it compares to the predecessor. Casio […] Read more

Casio Privia PX-870 Digital Piano

The piano has always been the most admirable instrument of all times. It depicts a high-class and considered grand. So, the all new Casio Privia PX-870 Digital Piano, brings back that nostalgic experience to you. It is big and the frame is made using pressed wood that gives it a nice texture and adds to […] Read more

Casio CGP-700BK Compact Grand Piano

That Casio follows its mantra of “creativity and contribution” quite religiously, is evident by the numerous innovative and imaginative products they keep introducing year after year. With over 35 years of experience in manufacturing keyboards (and over 65 years in consumer electronics goods), Casio’s name stands synonymous to innovation and excellence. With its latest CGP […] Read more

Casio PX760 Digital Piano

Casio is one of the premier brands, renowned worldwide for its high quality and innovative features, when it comes to creating some of the finest quality digital pianos. Casio’s Privia digital pianos (models such as PX 860, PX 750, PX 760, PX 780, PX 160, PX 150,etc) have redefined the digital piano category with their […] Read more

Casio Privia PX160

Casio is a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics and electronic musical instruments, and is a well-established brand across the globe. It has been credited with providing some of the finest and most innovative musical instruments, that are equally favored by both beginners and professionals. Casio‘s Privia line of digital pianos redefined the digital piano category […] Read more

Casio PX860

When it comes to electronic or digital music instruments, Casio has long established itself as a major player in the domain – whether you are talking about a beginner level instrument or an advanced pro level digital keyboard, Casio boasts of a wide portfolio of instruments to fulfill all such needs of the customers. In […] Read more

If you’re an aspiring piano or keyboard player, a musician or someone who’s hobby is playing music, then you are probably familiar with Privia’s line of pianos. Privia is a giant in this industry and after more than thirty years of producing digital pianos and keyboards, they have outdone themselves with Casio PX350 model. This […] Read more

Casio PX780 Privia 88-Key Digital Home Piano

When we speak about electronic keyboards and pianos, one brand hits the strings. Casio has achieved the fame of being one of the best in this sector. They offer qualitative products at a very reasonable price which is the unique feature of this company. Casio pianos are made in such a way that they can […] Read more

Casio PX750

It can be pretty difficult to choose the right digital piano, especially since everyone has their preferences and not everyone has the same amount of money on their bank account. If you’re looking for an affordable, yet quality piano Casio PX750 may be the right choice for you. Casio has a large number of great […] Read more

Casio Privia PX-130

Halfway through Canon in D for a friend’s wedding and your keyboard decides to suddenly drop all the D keys? Feeling like you are ready to upgrade from your Fisher Price “My First Keyboard” that your neighbor left to you when they moved 500 miles away? If you are ready for a real musical experience […] Read more