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Digital Piano Black Friday Deals


Casio CGP-700BK Compact Grand Piano Bundle

The Casio CGP-700BK is the grand culmination of 65 years of 65 years in electronics and technology and over 35 years in creating musical instruments. Casio has become one of the big names in digital pianos, and they definitely deserve their place.


  • Exceptional Color Touch Interface technology;
  • Brilliant sound quality of a Grand concert piano and 6-speaker system;
  • Sleek design and high portability;
  • Classroom and Duet Modes, that make it ideal for educational purposes;
  • Perfectly weighted keys;
  • 17-track MIDI recorder;
  • Incredible value for money;
  • 1+2 years of replacement warranty.


  • Some customers have complained about the wooden stand of not being sturdy enough.

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\"YamahaYamaha DGX650 Digital Piano Bundle

The Yamaha DGX650 is one of the best value for money digital pianos from Yamaha. It has some amazing features that make learning, playing and sharing music fun. Its design is one of the big advantages that make this a great musical instrument for both beginners and advanced pianists. The keyboard provides an accurate acoustic piano tone and touch as well as the ability to blend different piano sounds, sampled from Yamaha\’s top pianos.


  • 88-note, weighted GHS action: Heavier touch in the low end and lighter in the highs, just like an acoustic piano;
  • PureCF-sampled piano: Sampled from Yamaha\’s acclaimed CFIIIS concert grand, no other digital piano brand at this price delivers recordings from such a high-end instrument;
  • AUX line input: Connect any device with a line output like mobile devices, computers, mixers or even another keyboard and hear it through the internal speakers;
  • 128-note polyphony: Provides enough horsepower for a dropout-free performance while layering two Voices and playing two-handed, sustained chords.


  • Some customers said that they experienced a rattle sound when turning the speakers very loud. So, if you plan on using it on stage, you might need some type of amplification, in order to maintain the high quality of sound.

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\"YamahaYamaha P-115 88-Key Digital Piano Bundle

The P-Series of Yamaha digital pianos are well known for the great number of advantages, which make them worthy alternatives to traditional acoustic pianos. The Yamaha P-115 is one of the newest members of the legendary P-Series, carrying on the tradition, with user-friendly features and improved sound quality. It\’s compact and portable, easy to use, and has Yamaha\’s outstanding acoustic piano touch and tone. It\’s a great choice for just about anyone from beginners to pros. With this advantageous black friday deal, besides the piano itself, you get everything you need to start playing right away.


  • Highly Portable;
  • a USB to Host’ port;
  • 192 polyphony notes.


  • The 3-Year limited warranty is valid and can only be availed when you purchase the digital piano from Amazon.com

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\"CasioCasio Privia PX-760 88-Key Digital Piano Pro Bundle

The Casio PX-760 is one of the newest releases in the Privia line of digital pianos by Casio. Casio, as mentioned earlier, has grown into one of the most important manufacturers of digital pianos, with decades of experience in this field. The PX-760 is an upgrade to the high-rated PX750, the only digital piano across all brands, under $800, that came with a cabinet. As you can easily notice, Casio included this excellent feature in the new PX760 as well. Additionally, this black friday value bundle includes accessories that complete the package.


  • Excellent Performance;
  • Excellent Piano Sound Quality;
  • A full sized Stand up Cabinet (not to be found in other PX models or models of other brands in this price range);
  • Great Value for Money;
  • Lightweight, Compact and Highly Portable.


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\"CasioCasio PX860 BK Privia Digital Home Piano Bundle

If you\’ve read our guide, and for that matter most online guides on finding the best digital piano, then you probably know that the Casio PX850 is considered by most beginners and experts alike as being the best digital piano out there. It\’s pretty difficult to find a better piano, especially at the price you get the PX850 for. The PX860 is the new and upgraded version of the PX850. With this bundle you also get accessories that perfectly complete the package.


  • Great touch & feel of keys;
  • High quality sound and multiple sound options;
  • Increased value for the same price as the former model.


  • Not designed for easy portability.

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\"YamahaYamaha digital piano black friday deals are some of the most advantageous ones. From all the deals that I\’ve encountered over the years, the Arius made a distinctive note. It surpasses many higher priced models in many different areas such as: sound, touch, features and value for money. In my opinion, the value a product brings for the money I invest in it should at least equal. With this deluxe bundle, besides saving 26% on the Yamaha ARIUS YDP-V240, you also receive free gifts that will complement your digital piano.

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\"bestCasio produces some of the best digital pianos in many price ranges. The PX850 Privia is one of the best digital pianos on the market. Although Casio doesn\’t have the history of Yamaha in this industry, they have proved enormous progress in a short period of time. Of course there are higher priced models, but among Casio digital piano black friday deals, this one gives you the most value for money. Besides the Casio PX850 Privia digital piano at a 27% discount, this very advantageous bundle contains many useful gifts that will enhance your piano experience.

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