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Learning To Play The Piano

Playing the piano is one of the most complex and fun activities. It\’s not only a favorite pastime for a growing number of people but it also helps activate parts of the brain responsible for creativity and imagination. Learning to play the piano, like anything else of high value in life, demands consistency and motivation to strive further. If you wish to achieve a a good level, you will ultimately need to have a piano at home, to be able to practice consistently, and take piano lessons.

An acoustic piano has its advantages, but also comes with a set of weaknesses, that might not fit your personal needs perfectly. Aside from the high price, acoustic pianos have to be tuned periodically and are difficult to transport, both aspects just adding up to the initial cost. An alternative that has evolved a lot over the last years, is the digital piano.

At a fraction of an acoustic pianos cost, digital pianos come with certain benefits like portability and sound variety. Some of the better models have features like touch sensitivity and ivory and ebony feel keys. Digital pianos pack a lot of value into a great looking and functional design. You can read our guide to find out more about choosing the best digital piano. You can also check out the comparison chart where you\’ll find 10 of the best digital pianos on the market.

If you would like to get a feel about playing the piano, you will find guidance based on thorough research, in the articles below. Taking our advice will put you on the right track towards mastering the piano. If you\’re a creative person you can also learn how to write your own songs.

best piano songs to learn

Have you ever found yourself wishing to play your favorite song on the radio? Learning to play the piano is not the easiest of challenges. But like any challenge worth approaching, mastering the piano is very rewarding. Of course, you might feel some frustration along the way, but usually, the more challenging it is in […] Read more

best way to learn piano 2

Playing the piano is not as easy as some pianists make it look. To become any good at it you need to have a piano and practice playing on it consistently. You’re not going to be the next Beethoven if you don’t keep practicing and learning to master more and more complex musical pieces. You’re probably going […] Read more

PlayTime Classics Level 1

Piano is considered to be the most popular musical instrument in the world. Its popularity has spread across all boarders and nearly everybody wants to know how to play piano. The demand by people that want to know how to play the piano is mostly influenced by the advantages of knowing how to play this […] Read more

learn how to play the piano

Learning how to play the piano can be pretty difficult even for grown-ups. If you want to make learning the piano as easy and efficient as possible for your child, there are some things that you can do. Following is a list of useful tips that you can implement on your own to enhance the […] Read more

how to play the piano 3

The piano is a beautiful instrument that creates a unique sound, making many people wish they could play it. Learning how to play the piano is a life long mission, it’s certainly not something that you can become an expert in over the course of a few weeks. Familiarizing yourself with the Piano The first […] Read more

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Do you think that all portable keyboards look awful because they look like a big piece of cheap plastic? Well, as it is the case in almost all fields of technology, the development of portable pianos has revolutionized music totally. You could be surprised at how good some of them look and you may be […] Read more

learning to play the piano

If you ever admired the way a pianist’s fingers glide over the keys of the piano and produce a perfectly harmonious music, you should know that it’s the result of massive amounts of practice: the mastery of the instrument. Of course, the piano contributes to the experience, some sounding better than others, but the credits […] Read more